There are several of us from our church that volunteer, simply because we’re interested in serving others. We get setup and make coffee, the interesting thing is that there’s three of us that do this and none of us drink coffee! To say whether it’s good or not, I couldn’t tell you! —Jan, volunteer with […]Read More.
When I think about it, the library has all of the resources. English, not being my first language, I’ve been able to use the library to extend and expand my vocabulary and learn how to express myself. The building itself is beautiful, and this place has raised my children! There are so many things that […]Read More.
I started working with children to supplement my income. I was living and working as an artist, but once I started working with kids I realized how important that was. This started as children’s radio theatre actually. When the first children’s theatre experience ended, I kept getting calls from parents and students saying ‘when are […]Read More.
I had horses growing up and I love them. My background is in counseling and I love non-traditional therapeutic environments that incorporate nature and animals. I was drawn here right away. Working here is very fulfilling. In addition to the horses, the community here is amazing. When a family comes here and the staff and […]Read More.
Everyone Can Lead
Empowering residents is a key sustainability factor for long-term neighborhood transformation. Cultivating strong connections with residents involves establishing trust, creating inclusive and welcoming environments, valuing and respecting culture, listening, listening, listening and having hard conversations through processes of goal-setting, strategy development and implementation. All of this takes time… and patience!Read More.
This is the Far Eastside
Although there has been much focus on and development in neighborhoods close to the downtown core, communities further out are often overlooked. This month’s episode of For Good focuses on the Far Eastside and how its residents are stepping up to make change happen in their neighborhood. Both Mount Carmel Church and the Collective Impact Council are featured in this episode for their place-based initiatives that are giving residents a new sense of hope.Read More.
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