The trail is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no matter the weather. We clear it of snow and ice, we keep it well lit, we keep it protected, and we keep it safe and accessible. It’s been really fun to see this organization grow and to be a part of transforming […]Read More.
I have a best friend that I don’t get to see anymore because I moved schools. So I look forward to coming to camp here because I get to spend time with her here in the summers. And I also meet new friends. Without camp at Edna Martin, I’d be doing nothing all summer. When […]Read More.
We help a lot of folks that don’t have identification. No drivers license, no birth certificate, no social security card. We help them piece together various documentation and records to obtain an ID. —Nicole, street outreach supervisor at Horizon HouseRead More.
First, I want to entertain. Second, I want to educate. Third, I want to inspire. —Bob, teaching artist with Arts for LearningRead More.
I love the mission. It’s very much needed. For communities of color, it’s a safe place for us to feel comfortable. For people who might be HIV positive, or who need to be linked to care. Or to be loved on. Or to be supported. This is a hub for them. —Deidra, IMAGE program coordinator […]Read More.
They’re pretty much giving everyone a second chance—to be able to start over. If you are unfortunate enough to come from a family that’s struggling with either addiction or financial issues or whatnot – or if you’re living out on the streets, they pretty much give you a second chance to restart your life. —Rodney, […]Read More.
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