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Join the movement to build a stronger community for all.

Become an Equity Partner and join CICF, its affiliates—The Indianapolis Foundation and Hamilton County Community Foundation—and Women’s Fund of Central Indiana on a journey of listening, learning, engaging and activating our community toward being fair, equitable and unbiased. Together we can advance our mission of a community where all individuals have equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter place, race or identity.

We have created Equity Partners to receive charitable donations and corporate sponsorships specific to our regional opportunity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Your support will allow us to invest in community initiatives and equip our staff and board with resources to create equity and dismantle systemic racism in our region by:

  • leading equitable and racial justice initiatives in housing and homelessness, access to transportation, healthcare and mental health supports, reforming the criminal legal system and mass incarceration, empowering communities through grassroots organizing, educational achievement, quality job access, gender equality and dismantling systemic racism 
  • researching and partnering with other civic leaders to develop community-wide strategies toward closing equity gaps for people of color, LGBTQ+, women and girls, and people with disabilities, and changing systems that unfairly hold people back
  • hosting community engagement and learning opportunities such as racial equity trainings, speaker series, sector-specific workshops, and podcast and book clubs

Equity is justice.
Equity is economic opportunity.
Equity benefits us all.

Our internal growth and sustainability are crucial in our ability to continue to be bold and strategic in our community leadership work. Our plans to achieve equity and dismantle systemic racism in our community are ambitious. Our success is dependent on the support from our community. To engage more people, we need to increase our capacity. Your participation confirms this work is crucial, supported, and a priority for Central Indiana. Our community is hungry for these conversations, and this change is long overdue. 

Equity Partners is a special group of people, companies and organizations championing our mission of equitable opportunity for all—no matter place, race or identity. Our Equity Partners will receive special benefits and additional opportunities for engagement.  

Your contributions as an Equity Partner will directly support our mission-driven leadership work further forward into our community. This allows us to strategically prioritize funding to what area or project is needed most at a given time. You also have the option of directing your investment toward a specific initiative that aligns with your philanthropic values.

Ally  up to $999
  • listing on website and any time Equity Partners are published
  • invited to the Equity Partner Kick-Off Breakfast every year
advocate $1,000-4,999
  • same as above, plus
  • early notification and priority registration opportunities for CICF racial equity events, workshops, seminars, speakers, etc.
angel investor  $5,000-9,999
  • same as above, plus
  • invitation to two premiere Equity Partner events a year in unique locations and homes with interesting guest speakers and updates on our community leadership outcomes and projects
Champion  $10,000-49,999
  • same as above, plus
  • sponsorship opportunities of special events, educational workshops, reports, etc.
  • invitation to a third, distinctive event focused on our racial equity work
Visionary  $50,000+
  • same as above, plus
  • customized value-added experience(s) for you, your employees/company, etc. designed in partnership with you, such as corporate social responsibility (CSR) counsel, employee civic engagement events or trainings, family meeting facilitation or legacy planning counsel, etc.

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