Support dismantling systemic racism in our region

We truly need everyone to make this happen. The time to act is now.

Contributions to the Equity Partners Fund support CICF’s leadership initiatives addressing racial equity in Marion and Hamilton Counties. For the next five years, we will be investing our social, influence and financial capital on community leadership work that addresses racial disparities in housing, health services, educational attainment, access to living-wage jobs, the criminal justice system, inclusive economic growth, community organizing, mental health and other factors that lead to everyone having an equitable opportunity to reach their full potential. The Equity Partners Fund directly supports CICF’s work to convene, learn, engage and partner with grassroots organizers and institutional leaders to help empower people and change systems.

For more information on this fund and other ways to contribute, contact Rob MacPherson or Pamela Ross at 317.634.2423.

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