Providing affordable, equitable and accessible transportation options for everyone

Indianapolis has the second highest transportation cost as a percent of income among the 30 largest metro areas, making it difficult for residents to get to work, medical appointments, school and the grocery store, especially without access to a personal vehicle. Lack of reliable transportation negatively impacts food security, education and job opportunities, childcare options and overall quality of life. It  hurts our economy and entire community. CICF, Cummins, Indy Chamber, City of Indianapolis, Central Indiana Corporate Partnership, IndyGo and others have partnered to create the Personal Mobility Network to foster an integrated and multi-modal mobility network across the city that provides affordable, equitable and accessible transportation options for everyone.

Unique partnerships, integration and technology will allow for common payment and trip planning between IndyGo, Pacers Bikeshare, Uber/Lyft, scooters, and other modes as they develop. An additional “transportation savings account” program will create equitable access to this integrated system and enable employers, social service agencies, not-for-profit organizations and government to provide financial support to those needing access to these mobility services. This project has gained the attention of Ford Motor Company and its Ford Smart Mobility division, and as a result, selected Indianapolis as one of four North American cities to participate in a nine-month challenge to further explore, propose and pilot our identified solutions to improve mobility in Indianapolis. We need to raise $500,000 to take advantage of this challenge and foster a new and integrated transportation system of the future.

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