Criminal Justice Reform

A disproportionate number of black residents are detained, jailed or incarcerated. Residents have a right to live in safe communities, and we need to commit to better outcomes for people interacting with the criminal justice system.

  • Black students at public schools in Indianapolis are disproportionately suspended 2.6 times more often than their white peers.
  • Youth that do not graduate high school are 3.5 times more likely to be arrested than graduates.
  • Overall crime is down in Indianapolis, but homicides and non-fatal shootings are still a concern.


  • Reducing suspension and expulsion rates in Marion County schools
  • Advocating for bail access and reform
  • Scaling mental health and substance use diversion options
  • Coordinating services for reentry and violence reduction
  • Creating a “safety index” to assess attitudes, perception, neighborhood identity and neighborhood leadership

Learn more about this leadership initiative from Alicia Collins, director of community leadership.