We’re trying to provide access, for everyone, to all of our 250 bikeshare bikes and 29 stations, regardless of age, race, gender or income level. We’re making sure everyone feels that they are able to take part in the fun that bikeshare provides or use it for transportation. The Cultural Trail is a safe place […]Read More.
A friend asked me to look into PrimeLife because she thought the aquatics would help with my MS. My friend was EXTREMELY right! My neurologist tells me that I’ve made major strides here. He’s surprised by my progress. —Lisa, member at PrimeLife EnrichmentRead More.
I love exercise. I’ve always been a big advocate for it. It can help with their self-esteem, their confidence, and it can just make them feel good. —Chris, program operations director at Nine13 SportsRead More.
Receiving funding from CICF is critical to us in fulfilling our mission. We are about 80% property tax funded and with tax caps in Indianapolis, we lose funding. When we want to build programs that really build on our potential, we turn to folks like CICF. For example, continuing education for our staff. As Indy […]Read More.
We really love doing community events because it gives us a chance to speak with parents. We have a lot of repeat riders that go to these events and then the parents get to see what they’ve came home and talked about. The future is unwritten, but there are so many communities we have yet […]Read More.
I didn’t know about the IRT when they were at the Athenaeum all those years ago. Well, being African-American, it wasn’t in our culture necessarily to go, because it wasn’t invited. Now everyone has an open door. It’s possible for all walks of life and economic backgrounds to be able to come to the theatre. […]Read More.
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