The IRT is the state theatre of Indiana and there is a responsibility because of our commitment to bringing fully produced professional theater to people of all ages. We had some high school students who saw my play and it was the first play they had ever seen. That is an awesome privilege for me […]Read More.
The first thing they say is “I don’t want to get in the pool!” If you can get them in the pool and get them to stay, they’re hooked! —Betsy, fitness program coordinator at PrimeLife EnrichmentRead More.
I’ve always had a soft spot for working with children. This program gives you such a new sense of life. —Aryn, special programs director at Nine13 SportsRead More.
I found out about La Plaza after hearing of their scholarships. I’ve attended every event since being a recipient to continue to learn more about their mission and maintain a relationship with the staff members here. The last event I attended was the tenth anniversary for La Plaza. They had the other scholarship recipients who […]Read More.
The most rewarding part is when people come and find out that they can get the resources they need. —Lamiya, Image program ambassador at Brothers UnitedRead More.
Over the last seven years, we’ve grown to 106 students on our roster for the summer, but we serve 220 per day with our after school programming at several sites. Edna Martin created an extended family thousands and thousands of people deep over the years. It’s our job to keep up with her growing family! […]Read More.
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