The best advice I have gotten is from my parents. They told me to listen well. I manage a large staff and the main thing I’m doing is listening to their needs. Making the best working conditions I can for them so they can make the best art they can make for this audience. —Janet, […]Read More.
Kid-Driven Philanthropy: A new take on family giving
The Klaus family believes there is no better way to learn than by doing. This model of thinking is what lead David and Melynne Klaus to establish a fund with the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) for their three young children to advise. “In fact, we even debated calling it the Klaus Kids Fund but knew that it would be there for a long time when they grow up, so, when they are older maybe they wouldn't want the kids,” Melynne said. “It was something that we thought could be…Read More.
A Conversation with Brian Payne
In this special extended episode of For Good, Brian Payne has a candid conversation about CICF’s new mission, explains why the organization cannot talk about equity without talking about race; and shares his personal journey to understand the historic context of institutional racism in America.Read More.
Dismantling Institutional Racism: Our Journey
For many, the thought of “undoing” institutional racism seems so abstract and monumental that having the audacity to take it on leaves many people not only skeptical, but often, adversarial. What sound mind would believe the people, power, resources and commitment to tackle this issue exists in a country so strongly rooted in racist acts, where talking about race often sparks turmoil, fear and denial? Read More.
I think that each of us lives in an ivory tower. And places like the library get us to come down and interact with the community. I love the personal experience of coming to the library, but there’s also the community aspect. The community functions and concerts have brought me to the idea that libraries […]Read More.
People understand that what we offer is something different for families and kids…It’s been amazing to see how many people our programs touch. Last year we served 1,165 kids in one-to-one mentoring situations, and our waitlist is well over 1,000 kids…We’ve been able to really move the needle on how many kids we can help […]Read More.
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