Race: What We’ve Learned So Far
CICF is serious about creating equitable opportunity for everyone in Central Indiana to reach their full potential, and we know race plays a profound role in access to opportunity. Becoming an anti-racist organization and building lasting impact starts with open, honest dialogue, and that’s what CICF has been candidly working on internally for the past two years. In this episode, four staff members open up about their personal and professional journeys to understanding systemic racism and h…Read More.
2019—Another Year of Learning
In late 2016, in preparation for an article I was writing, I had the honor of interviewing activists, academics and everyday people who have been longtime allies to marginalized people. I asked them about the real work of being an ally—what it takes to be an active force in making things better for the most vulnerable groups. I spoke to white women and men who were actively working to dismantle racism; men who worked with other men to solve the problem of violence against women; and straigh…Read More.