2020: Our Road to Equity—a Year in Review
2020 was a year filled with unique challenges, some that were incredibly unexpected and others that were previously ignored by too many for too long. Within these challenges is profound tragedy and loss. There also lies an incredible opportunity to collectively learn how we as a community—and as a foundation—can do better. This year has proven that our commitment to equity and reconciliation is in direct alignment with what is needed to make our community in Central Indiana a place where …Read More.
GANGGANG is Committed to Ignite the Culture Industry
With initial investments from CICF and other leading philanthropic entities in the city, the organization seeks to promote and invest in culture entrepreneurs. And while it does support all “people of culture,” the organization has a strong slant toward racial equity. During its incubation period of the first three years, GANGGANG plans to invest at least $100,000 into cultural startups, with 70% of those investments allocated to Black founders and Black-owned startups.Read More.
The Neighbor Relief Fund of Marion County – summary of impact
The Neighbor Relief Fund of Marion County (NRF) was created in April of 2020 and has been managed with fluidity given the rapidly evolving nature of the pandemic. The fund is aligned with CICF’s equity goals, is resident-engaged, and prioritizes neighborhood-based, grassroots organizations that are serving under-appreciated neighborhoods and/or communities of color, including seniors, with programs that are easily accessible and provide meaningful relief to residents during this critical ti…Read More.
Through Relationships, Organization is Flattening the Curve of Violence in Indianapolis
2020 has been a challenging year for the city of Indianapolis. For Central Indiana. For this country. Not only are residents coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, but the epidemic of violence has continued to plague the Circle City. Many organizations are designing programs to remedy the situation. One of those organization looking to the cure the city of violence is Community Action of Greater Indianapolis (CAGI) with its project: We CANN M.O.V.E. (Mobilize Our Voice for Engagement).Read More.