Women in the Workforce
It’s that time of year again. Equal Pay Day. This day represents how far into the year women must work to earn what White men earned in the previous year. And while the day has moved up on the calendar since its conception on April 11, 1996, the fact remains that women in the workforce […]Read More.
Staff Spotlight: Mikaili Azziz
Meet Mikaili Azziz. She is the new marketing & communications associate at CICF. In this role, Mikaili provides a mix of marketing functions and brings thought leadership, strategy and execution to best tell the stories of the organization, with a focus on Hamilton County Community Foundation and the communities it serves.Read More.
Collaboration Hub Quickly Becoming a “Hub” for Local Artists
Thirty miles north of Indianapolis just to the east of U.S. 31 on 276th Street in western Jackson Township, Hamilton County, Indiana, stand the remains of Roberts Settlement, an African-American pioneer farm settlement. It was founded in 1835 by free Blacks of mixed racial heritage who migrated mostly from North Carolina and Virginia to escape deteriorating racial conditions in the South.Read More.
2022: Our Road to Equity—a Year in Review
Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), The Indianapolis Foundation, Hamilton County Community Foundation, Women’s Fund of Central Indiana and IMPACT Central Indiana are a $1 billion collective of philanthropic organizations committed to making Central Indiana a community where all individuals have an equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter place, race or identity. Throughout the past few years, our organizations shifted our internal structure to better posit…Read More.
20 Important Women in Indiana and National History
Women and girls were critical to our nation’s history and are essential to our present and future. They develop, innovate, provide, fight, create, build, nurture and more. And they do this, despite historical inequity rooted in sexism and compounded by marginalization related to other intersected identities. In honor of Women’s History Month, this article highlights women in Indiana and national history who made and are making a difference. Read More.


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