The Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowship

The Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowship program was established in 2004 to reward creativity and to encourage emerging and established individual artists by supporting their artistic development while increasing awareness of contemporary art in the Midwest.

The fellowship program currently awards $25,000 to selected fellows. It has distributed more than $1,000,000 to 55 contemporary Midwestern visual artists since its inception.

Fellowship categories are restricted to installation, sculpture, and new media. Selection criteria includes the following:

  • Quality and skill
  • Creativity and uniqueness
  • Commitment to developing work
  • Impact the award will have on the artist’s career

To be eligible, artists must:

  • Be age 25 or older
  • Be a resident of either Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota or Wisconsin
  • Commit to residing in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota or Wisconsin for the duration of the fellowship

Fellows are chosen by a five-member selection committee through a blind selection process.

The details and the timeline for the next round of Efroymson Contemporary Art Fellowships are still being finalized, the link for the application will be posted here when the next round is available.  

If you would like to have your name added to our distribution list to be notified about any future Efroymson Contemporary Arts Fellowship opportunities, please send an email to Julie Wright at

Recipients of the 2018 Fellowship Announced here.


Past Fellows


Marc Jacobson
Greg Hull
Linda Adele Goodine
Eric Nordgulen
David Russick
Katrin Asbury
Stuart Hyatt
Emily Kennerk
Brian Myers
Jamie Pawlus
Casey Roberts
Lucinda Devlin
Brian McCutcheon
Brose Partington
Tom Torluemke
Anthony Luensman
Michael Lyons
LaRinda Meinburg
Brian Priest
Letitia Quesenberry
Anila Quayyum Agha
Jennifer Reeder
Casey Riordan Millard
Tyson Skross
Chris Vorhees
Leah Gauthier
Stacey Holloway
Arthur Liou
Melissa Pokorny
Artur Silva 
Tiffany Carbonneau
Ben Johnson
Andrea Myers
David Rowe
Meredith Setser
Scott Carter
Sarah FitzSimons
Jason Lazarus
Harold Mendez
Roy Staab
Christopher Baker
Paul Catanese
Monica Haller
David Harper
John Preus
Blane De St Croix
Scott Hocking
Julie Schenkelberg
Edra Soto
Amanda Williams
Bethany Collins
Tirtza Even
José Carlos Teixeira
Alexa Horochowski
Andres Hernandez