Legacy Fund Announces New Name—Hamilton County Community Foundation
Tonight at its annual Celebration of Philanthropy event, Legacy Fund, the community foundation for Hamilton County, announced a new name and a new strategic vision. President Tom Kilian Jr. told a crowd of more than 400 that the organization will become Hamilton County Community Foundation. He also introduced a direction for the coming years that includes a focus on mental health, family and youth empowerment, and inclusive economic growth.Read More.
Legacy Fund Honoring Community “Pillars”
Legacy Fund, the community foundation serving Hamilton County, has selected three Hamilton County residents to receive the Legacy Fund Community Pillar Awards. This year’s award recipients are Freedom Kolb, special projects officer for Hamilton Southeastern Schools, Judge Steven R. Nation, Hamilton County Superior Court No. 1, and Brenda Myers, president and CEO of Hamilton County Tourism. Honorees will be recognized at the 10th annual Celebration of Philanthropy at 6 p.m. on Thursday, Nov.…Read More.
Legacy Fund and Youth Advisory Board Award Grants to 19 Organizations
Legacy Fund, the Hamilton County affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation, announced $134,400 in grants will be awarded to 19 organizations. Grants were approved by the Legacy Fund board of directors and include grants selected by the LINK Youth Advisory Council, a grant-making council for high school students.Read More.
Legacy Fund honors community “pillars”
The Legacy Fund Community Pillar Awards honor individuals or corporations doing visionary work to solve pressing challenges, build opportunity and equity, and create a brighter future for Hamilton County residents in three leadership areas—college readiness and success, family success and inspiring places. Because of their work, these nominees are pillars of the Hamilton County Community. Accepting nominations thru July 31.Read More.
Ten Sheridan High School Seniors Receive Scholarships
The Sheridan Community School Scholarship Foundation Fund recently awarded 10 Sheridan High School seniors scholarships totaling $28,000 for the 2017-2018 school year. Just two years prior, the committee researched ways to ensure the scholarship fund would continue its original mission for generations to come—to provide scholarships to graduates from Sheridan High School.Read More.
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