Marianne Glick: Engaging and Empowering Residents on the Far Eastside
There's a famous Winston Churchill quote that goes, "We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." By that measure, Marianne Glick's life has been remarkable so far. The board chair of the Glick Family Foundation, Marianne has carried on the legacy of her parents, Indianapolis real estate titans Eugene and Marilyn Glick, and the mission of the Gene B. Glick Company through countless investments to enhance education, self-sufficiency and quality of life in Central India…Read More.
CICF Announces Director of Information Technology
Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) announced Armon Curd as its new director of information technology effective immediately. He is responsible for planning, directing and managing the foundation’s information technology systems to ensure they are secure, cost-effective and efficient. Prior to joining CICF, Curd was the eCommerce manager for Citizens Energy Group in the corporate affairs […]Read More.
Our mission is to maintain and to provide this beautiful pathway, so you have a great experience connecting people and places. The Cultural Trail is giving a physically safe space to move around the city as a pedestrian or cyclist. It’s, I think, improving general health, it’s inviting people, and giving them a beautiful way […]Read More.
CICF’s Future Funds: Enabling a Stunning Force for Good
A recent article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review entitled “Philanthropy’s Missing Trillions” caught our attention. Its authors, Jennifer Xia and Patrick Schmitt, found that while 90 percent of American adults make a charitable gift each year, fewer than six percent include a charitable bequest in their will or estate plan. Read More.
Insight from our community ambassadors
“Before you have grass, you have roots. Before you have roots, you have seeds. You need to understand what that seed needs to grow. You can’t go in and give it something if you don’t understand what it needs,” Beatrice Beverly, CICF ambassador for Martindale Brightwood, explained to CICF Angel Investors at an event on May 31. The philosophy Beatrice spoke of—truly, deeply understanding a need before declaring a solution—is the foundation of CICF’s ambassador program. CICF is …Read More.
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