90-Day Onboarding Survey

New CICF Staff Member - 90-Day On-Boarding Survey
This survey should take about 20 minutes to complete. Please be open and honest about your onboarding experience during your first 90 days at CICF.
Your answers will be shared with our Onboarding Committee so that we can continue to build a strong onboarding experience for future new hires.


  • 1 - Strongly Disagree
  • 2 - Disagree
  • 3 - Neutral
  • 4 - Agree
  • 5 - Strongly Agree

*If a question doesn't apply to your onboarding experience, please skip it.


Overall Experience


During First 30 Days

Jeanie/my team leader outlined my first 30 days at the foundation and discussed the training schedule.


Skip any question that doesn't apply.

Thoughtfulness of Onboarding

Open-Ended Questions