Plan for Marion County

In Marion County, we aim to help create neighborhoods and environments that empower people, change systems that unfairly hold people back and dismantle systemic racism.

We will focus on five leadership initiatives that overlap and influence one another:

family stabilization

We believe that everyone should have equitable opportunities to obtain housing, transportation and health services.

economic mobility

We believe all people can rise out of poverty by acquiring skills that lead to living wage jobs, and if they are not held back by inequitable policies.

criminal justice REFORM

Residents have a right to live in safe communities, and we need to commit to better outcomes for people interacting with the criminal justice system.

neighborhood empowerment and placemaking

We believe communities are most successful and thriving when investments are resident-driven and when neighborhoods have access to culturally relevant art, nature and beauty every day.

dismantling systemic racism

The foundation is committed to becoming a fully inclusive, anti-racist and multicultural organization moving forward.

We will continue to learn, adapt and partner with others along the way to support these initiatives and hold our foundation accountable.

View our current equity agenda for Marion County

“Through Our Eyes” was written by Tatjana Rebelle, videography by Innovative Studios.