Family Stabilization

Many residents of Indianapolis, particularly people of color and those experiencing material poverty, lack simultaneous access to transportation and affordable housing options. We believe that everyone should have equitable opportunities to obtain housing, transportation and health services.

  • Indiana has the 7th worst infant mortality rate in the country.
  • African American families experience infant or maternal mortality at three times the rate—and Hispanic families two times the rate—of white families.
  • 1,700 people are homeless on any given night in Indianapolis, and more than half of those people are African American.
  • Indianapolis has the 2nd highest transportation cost as a percent of income among the 30 largest metros.


  • Preserving or developing affordable housing near transit stops
  • Addressing racial disparities and wraparound services related to homelessness
  • Developing protected pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure that connects to services, employment and recreation
  • Creating a Personal Mobility Network to better coordinate the various modes of transportation
  • Assessing and addressing barriers that lead to healthier maternal and birth outcomes among communities of color

Hear more about this leadership initiative from Diane Schussel, senior community leadership officer.