Central Indiana Racial Equity Fund Launches with more than $2.2 Million in Initial Commitments
A coalition of local stakeholders has established the Central Indiana Racial Equity Fund with an initial investment of more than $2.2 million to advance effective solutions to racial inequality in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. The fund will work with organizations to support efforts to improve interactions between the Black community and local police in Indianapolis; address the disproportionate number of Black youth in the juvenile and criminal justice system by providing positi…Read More.
IMPACT Central Indiana: A New Approach to Philanthropy
IMPACT Central Indiana, LLC is a limited liability company created by Central Indiana Community Foundation, The Indianapolis Foundation and Hamilton County Community Foundation to facilitate social impact investments into businesses, funds and not-for profits that are generating positive, measurable social impact and financial returns. Specifically, IMPACT Central Indiana will make loans, equity investments and grants that further the charitable mission of the Foundations. What sets philanthr…Read More.
Evolving into an Anti-Racist Organization
CICF does not pretend to have all of the answers—nor do we claim to be pioneers in the space of racial equity. What we will claim is our responsibility to speak the truth. The truth is enough is enough. It is time for real change. No more complacency. No more silence. We must demand profound change. There are concrete things that we can all do and commit to right now to become an anti-racist organizationRead More.
What We Know and Where We Stand
Together as a community and as a country, we face a continued crisis but at a new tipping point in the pain and anger from broken promises and ultimate distrust of our criminal law system and our police departments.Read More.