Contribute to the Willie T. Donald Exoneration Coalition & Fund

In Indiana, people who are released from prison are offered reintegration services to support their transition, including assistance in finding housing and employment. However, those who are discovered to be innocent and therefore exonerated—often after years of imprisonment—are not offered such support. The Willie T. Donald Exoneration Advisory Coalition step in to help fill that gap with resources from its fund here at CICF. This collaboration was inspired by the story of Willie T. Donald, an Indiana man who spent almost 24 years in prison for robberies and a murder he did not commit.

This coalition steps in to help people like Mr. Donald in two primary ways: reintegration assistance and policy reform efforts. As the coalition has caught national attention, it has also caught the attention of innocent inmates seeking similar services from the Advisory Coalition. 

Support through the fund empowers the coalition to provide these wraparound services and resources that are otherwise unavailable to new and potential exonerees, including supporting and connecting agencies in their home states. The Willie T. Donald Exoneration Fund, a fund of CICF, is the philanthropic arm of the Willie T. Donald Exoneration Advisory Coalition. 

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