William E. English Foundation Building RFI


The Indianapolis Foundation (the Foundation) is issuing this RFI (on behalf of the William E. English Foundation) to inform future decisions regarding thoughtful remodeling and repurposing of various spaces within the English Building–particularly the basement conference/convening areas–and the potential development of two parking lots adjacent to the William E. English Foundation building (the site). The Foundation is issuing this RFI to discover the interests and ideas of the community with regard to the future redevelopment potential of the site.

The objective of this RFI is to gather information and insights from the local real estate development community to assist in internal deliberation, board dialogue, and decision-making process regarding the site. Submissions may be used to inform future disposition or Request for Proposal.

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Public Q&A

Potential respondents may submit questions/clarifications below. All answers will be provided via email and summarized and posted on this page within seven days.

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Use the below form to upload your submission by 5 p.m. ET on Monday, July 22, 2024. All submissions will be reviewed and responded to after the July 22 deadline.

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By responding to this RFI with a written submission or otherwise participating in the process as outlined by this RFI, each submitting party expressly agrees that no contract of any kind is guaranteed under or may arise from this RFI and that no legal obligations as between any one or more proponents and the Foundation may arise. The Foundation reserves the right to request additional information from applicants, reject any and all submittals, waive any irregularities in the submittal requirements, and cancel, suspend or amend the provisions of this RFI at any time. Each respondent is solely responsible for its own costs and expenses in preparing and submitting a response to this RFI and participating in the RFI process, including any provision of any additional information or attendance at meetings or interviews. The Foundation shall have no monetary obligation to any respondent to this RFI.

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