The trail, in true nuts and bolt fashion, is a connector. It is a transportation highway. It connects the downtown cultural districts. It connects downtown neighborhoods. It connects the Central Indiana greenway system. It connects city bike lanes. It connects you to, within a block, every major arts, cultural, entertainment, and sporting amenity downtown. It […]Read More.
Stopover is housing the community’s youth. We want to help them succeed. We want them to obtain their goals. We work on a strength-based case management program, so we use their strengths to move them forward. I absolutely love my job. It’s a pleasure. It’s not like work. The most rewarding part is knowing that […]Read More.
Everybody needs these services. It crosses cultures, it crosses religions, it’s for everybody. When people come in, we don’t know where they come from, so we treat every person like family. —Sarah, youth ambassador with Brothers UnitedRead More.
Our new mission
If we want Central Indiana to be a healthy and thriving community with inclusive economic growth, something has to change. At CICF, we’re going all in. We have a new mission: To make this a community where every individual has equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter their place, race or identity.Read More.
So many of my friends across all industries come from the arts. It’s a connection that runs through all of us that have been involved with Asante Children’s Theatre. I started as a spectator in the organization; my older sister and cousin were in the company. Then I worked with a summer camp, and I […]Read More.
Homelessness in Central Indiana
Ending homelessness can be done, says Rodney Stockment, senior strategy director for homelessness at the City of Indianapolis, adding that collaboration and supportive services are imperative to its eradication. In this month’s episode of For Good, hear from Rodney, representatives from Horizon House, Partners in Housing and the Coalition for Homelessness Intervention and Prevention (CHIP) about the realities of homelessness in Marion County and the collaborative efforts to end it.Read More.
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