Herbert Simon Family Foundation

Herbert Simon Family Foundation is a private non-operating foundation. Established in 1999, the foundation has been providing support for organizations in hopes of creating more equitable, sustainable and vibrant communities with an emphasis on Central Indiana. In 2011, Herbert Simon Family Foundation expanded its board to include the second generation of the family and engaged CICF’s philanthropic services, including strategic charitable advising and grant-making counsel.

The foundation promotes social justice in Central Indiana in the areas of:

  • Arts & culture
  • Basic needs
  • Education
  • Environment (including animal welfare)
  • Healthy living

Roots to Read

Literacy is vital to opportunity. For instance, students who read on grade level by third grade are four times less likely to drop out of high school, according to data from The Annie E. Casey Foundation. The Herbert Simon Family Foundation Roots to Read Pilot Project, formerly called Love of Reading, is working in partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) to increase grade-level reading attainment in elementary school children by cultivating a love of reading through an integrated framework co-created with families, schools, and communities. As part of the two-year pilot, Francis W. Parker Montessori School 56, Meredith Nicholson School 96 and Jonathan Jennings School 109 have received funding to renovate their libraries, increase staff focused on literacy skills development and family programming, and expand book collections at school and home.

Herbert Simon Family Foundation Grant Request

The Herbert Simon Family Foundation is not accepting grant applications at this time.

If you are interested in applying for funding from the Herbert Simon Family Foundation in the future, please contact us first at HerbertSimonFamilyFoundation@cicf.org.

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