Don’t Underestimate the Unrestricted Gift
Not-for-profits tend to be very willing to allow donors to restrict their planned gifts as a commitment to respect the intentions, preferences, and relationship to the donor—and their occasional idiosyncrasies. Charitable gift planners and development officers want to ensure that donors are confident with their planned gift decision and how it will be spent in the future. Whether it’s designating a gift to a particular program, prohibiting funds from being directed toward operating expens…Read More.
Willie T. Donald Exoneration Fund: a CICF donor-advised fund highlight
Imagine being 22-years-old and spending the next 24 years in prison for crimes you did not commit. Then, finally, the state recognizes that they locked up the wrong guy, and you are exonerated and released into a fast-paced, technology-crazed society that resembles very little of the life you once had. Now, imagine that while trying to reintegrate into an almost unrecognizable society, you have to also figure out how to survive with no money, no driver’s license, no car, no health care, and…Read More.
Professional Advisor Leadership Council (PALC) Update
On June 23, the Professional Advisor Leadership Council (PALC) convened at the Hamilton County Community Foundation to kick off their first of several meetings this calendar year. The meeting was held at the new Collaboration Hub, a new space and resource for Central Indiana not-for-profits located at Hamilton County Community Foundation. After a brief welcome from Tom Kilian Jr, president of Hamilton County Community Foundation and IMPACT Central Indiana, the members in attendance too…Read More.
Substantiating Charitable Gifts at Tax Time
Now that tax time is upon us, many clients are scrambling to find records of their charitable contributions. As professional advisors, you can assist your clients in tracking down all types of records for tax purposes. Looking to simplify your clients’ recordkeeping for charitable gifts going forward? Encourage your clients to consider a donor-advised fund (DAF) with CICF for their charitable giving. Rather than trying to track down receipts from the various organizations to which your clie…Read More.
IMPACT Central Indiana: A New Approach to Philanthropy
IMPACT Central Indiana, LLC is a limited liability company created by Central Indiana Community Foundation, The Indianapolis Foundation and Hamilton County Community Foundation to facilitate social impact investments into businesses, funds and not-for profits that are generating positive, measurable social impact and financial returns. Specifically, IMPACT Central Indiana will make loans, equity investments and grants that further the charitable mission of the Foundations. What sets philanthr…Read More.
Charitable Advising from a Distance
The silver lining to these times of uncertainty, fear and isolation is the collective groundswell toward generosity. We are seeing a tremendous amount of charitable giving through community-based relief funds as well as specific not-for-profits. You can be a terrific resource to your clients as to how to be helpful in the midst of this crisis.Read More.
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