CARES Act Provisions Related to Charitable Giving
One purpose of the $2 trillion stimulus bill, the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act, signed into law on March 27, 2020 (the “CARES Act”), is to support the not-for-profit community, in part by providing temporary charitable giving income tax incentives and related measures.Read More.
Understanding the SECURE Act
The SECURE Act, signed into law at the end of December and effective Jan. 1, 2020, has sent estate planning attorneys, financial advisors, accountants and insurance professionals into a frenzy to figure out how the law will impact their clients’ retirement and estate plans.Read More.
Advisors – charitable strategies to help your clients
Throughout the year, we have featured ways that your clients likely can save substantial tax dollars simply by donating appreciated property to fund their charitable contributions. And timing those contributions so that they are made in a year when their tax bracket will be higher and/or in a year when they will exceed the new, higher standard deduction and therefore be able to itemize their charitable contributions. As the giving spirit increases this time of year, we reiterate these simple …Read More.
Advisors – charitable strategies to help your clients
Estate planning, real estate and business succession planning lawyer Gary Chapman, Bose McKinney & Evans, CPA Bill Owen, BGBC Partners LLP, and CPA and wealth planner Jeff Yu, Column Capital Advisors, guided their client, a joint real estate and LLC owner, in the donation of their interest in the LLC prior to the sale of the commercial real estate owned by the LLC. This resulted in their client avoiding most—if not all—capital gains tax liability associated with the increase in value of t…Read More.
Moving from Arm’s Length to Shoulder to Shoulder
With the announcement of CICF’s new mission and strategic direction comes new opportunities to engage—in a new and more direct way—with people interested in addressing our community’s deeply rooted disparities. Our board and staff have bravely and boldly made a generational commitment to address racial inequities. We are ready and willing to do this work while continuing to make your client’s and any charitably minded person’s philanthropy match their passions and interests. We do…Read More.
Help Your Clients with a Values-Based Approach to Philanthropy
CICF's philanthropic advising services are one key feature that sets our donor-advised funds apart. The CICF Professional Advisor Leadership Council (PALC) got to experience first-hand the kinds of exercises we take individuals and families through in order to become strategic and intentional philanthropists.Read More.
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