Knowing my mentee has been great. I really feel like I receive much more than I give from my relationship with my mentee. We communicate throughout the week and go out for all sorts of different reasons. It’s been great to have someone that’s become much more of a friend. —Sheila, mentor with Trusted MentorsRead More.
Legacy Fund and Youth Advisory Board Award Grants to 19 Organizations
Legacy Fund, the Hamilton County affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation, announced $134,400 in grants will be awarded to 19 organizations. Grants were approved by the Legacy Fund board of directors and include grants selected by the LINK Youth Advisory Council, a grant-making council for high school students.Read More.
The Indianapolis Foundation Announces $1.36 Million in Grants
The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of Central Indiana Community Foundation, approved 21 grants totaling $1.36 million. These competitive grants were approved by the board of directors on May 15 and included $835,500 in support from The Indianapolis Foundation Library Fund to three library initiatives.Read More.
Central Indiana’s LGBTQ community
June is Pride month, a worldwide celebration of the LGBTQ community. Indianapolis will host its own Indy Pride Festival with an estimated 100,000 people in attendance. But LGBTQ people still face struggles against homophobia and discrimination as well as issues that divide the diverse community.Read More.
I Am No Longer Color-blind
“Drew, if we get pulled over, you know I can’t move right?” At first I laughed, thinking he was joking. A few seconds passed and I quickly realized that my best friend was legitimately concerned. Read More.
Charitable Gift Planning with Donor-Advised Funds: Beyond the Basics
Donor-advised funds at community foundations took root just after private foundations begun by the likes of Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford and Eli Lilly came to prominence in the early to mid-1900s. The first donor-advised fund is reported to have been created at the New York Community Trust around 1931.Read More.
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