Central Indiana’s LGBTQ community

June is Pride month, a worldwide celebration of the LGBTQ community. Indianapolis will host its own Indy Pride Festival with an estimated 100,000 people in attendance. But LGBTQ people still face struggles against homophobia and discrimination as well as issues that divide the diverse community.

In this month’s episode of For Good, two CICF ambassadors, Myranda Warden and Elle Roberts, and members of the LGBTQ community share their insights. Kit Malone from ACLU, Chris Handberg from Indy Pride, Terrell Parker from Indiana Pride of Color and Chris Paulsen from Indiana Youth Group all join the conversation for this episode.

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“…as LGBTQ people, you know what it’s like to be marginalized, you know what it’s like to be isolated. That’s where we find common ground and that’s where we start to build from there…we’re in a great position to where we can teach the majority community what it’s like to lead by example.”  —Terrell Parker


  • Angela Cain – Angela Cain Communications
  • Myranda Warden – CICF community ambassador
  • Elle Roberts – CICF community ambassador
  • Chris Handberg – executive director of Indy Pride
  • Terrell Parker – founder of Indiana Pride of Color and interim executive director of Brothers United
  • Kit Malone – transgender education and advocacy coordinator at the ACLU of Indiana
  • Chris Paulsen – executive director of Indiana Youth Group
  • Tim – former youth at Indiana Youth Group


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