Introducing CICF’s Community Ambassadors

Last year, CICF worked with a local agency, Smallbox, to train 36 representatives of different neighborhoods and population groups as ambassadors for their communities. Each ambassador conducted a listening tour to gather residents’ concerns, excitements and hopes.

These conversations, along with national and regional data, have helped shape CICF’s commitment to dismantle barriers and build more pathways for everyone in the community to reach their full potential, no matter their place, race or identity. On this month’s episode of For Good, meet a few of the ambassadors and find out how their work is fundamentally transforming CICF’s goals and initiatives.

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Kim Jacobs – WFYI Media
Liz Tate – vice president of community investment at CICF
Tamara Winfrey-Harris – vice president of marketing and communications at CICF
Rob MacPherson – vice president of development and philanthropic services
Annie Smith – CICF community ambassador representing the Far Eastside and Lawrence neighborhoods
Valerie Davis – CICF community ambassador representing the St. Clair Place neighborhood
Darrin Orr – CICF community ambassador representing the Northeast Corridor
Beatrice Beverly – CICF community ambassador representing the Martindale Brightwood neighborhood
Alicia Collins – community collaborations director at CICF

The G. I. Bill Changed My Family’s Life – a note from Brian Payne, president and CEO of CICF, about race and opportunity
Smallbox – a creative agency focused on building cohesive brand experiences for mission-driven organizations


thank you to CICF for recognizing a need To gather the voice of the community and doing something with the information. it was a great experience and I look forward to the next steps!


This effort sounds wonderful, I would be interested in hearing more about what insights were discovered.


I would love to be a CICF AMBASSADOR!


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