A Family’s Legacy of Philanthropy: The Meyers

For the Meyers, preservation and people are family passions. Through the Robert R. and Gayle T. Meyer Family Fund, they devote their philanthropic energy and funds to advancing childhood education, ending domestic violence and ensuring the environment’s future.

Last fall, the Meyers supported the Central Indiana Land Trust’s purchase of 69 acres of land off State Road 67 south of Mooresville. The acquisition is named the Fred and Dorothy Meyer Nature Preserve, in honor of Robert’s parents. Fred Meyer served on the board of the Indiana chapter of The Nature Conservancy and was instrumental in getting the state’s first dedicated Nature Preserve established in 1969.

Beginning with Fred and Dottie Meyer, enjoying and preserving nature has been a central family ethic. That focus has trickled down not only to their son, Robert, but also to their granddaughter, Molly Meyer. Molly devotes time in both her personal life, through the family fund, and in her professional work designing green roofs with Rooftop Green Works, including the rooftop at Indianapolis’ NPR and PBS affiliate WFYI.

“Grandpa Fred and Grandma Dottie, they set things up on so many levels for us,” says Molly. “Just the spirit that they had for the outdoors and for adventure.”

Find out more about their adventures in giving, the natural world, and strategic action translate across the Meyer family generations in this video.

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