NOTHING BUT THE RUTH – Donor Advised Funds


Kiss checkbook giving goodbye!
-from Ruthie Purcell-Jones

Circles. If Indianapolis were to designate a city shape, it’d be a circle hands down. Monument Circle, Hamilton County round-a-bouts, I-465 loop, basketball hoops, bicycle wheels, Indianapolis Motor Speedway… circle, circle and more circle. We’re a community of unending circles. And I love it.

Here’s why: a circle never ends. The Indianapolis Foundation is celebrating its 99th anniversary in 2015, which means that our circle of connecting community needs to passionate donors has been on a continuous loop for 99 years.

Donor Advised Funds are an important part of that loop, a giving tool for individuals and families that best matches their passions and interests to community needs. You may have heard of Donor Advised Funds before; after all, lots of commercial financial institutions offer Donor Advised Funds. But did you know a community foundation, the New York Community Trust, created the first Donor Advised Fund in 1931?

Donors are best served when their passion for community is met with equal fervor. And that’s exactly what a Donor Advised Fund at a community foundation provides. True philanthropy is a deeply engaging and inherently personal undertaking, not just a transaction-based process for distributing charitable checks.

While community needs change over time, the formula for strategic giving that leads to change is always the same. Couple a community foundation’s deep knowledge and customized advising with a donor’s passion, and the result is a better place to call home, every time!

Go ahead and add The Indianapolis Foundation to the list of continuous circles in Central Indiana. You’ve counted on our presence for nearly 100 years, and you can count on it for 100 years to come. Thanks as always…and I look forward to seeing you around!

– Ruthie Purcell-Jones
Director of Philanthropic Services

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