Two years ago, we brought my three-year-old grandson to see “Peter Rabbit.” He had no spontaneous speech, meaning he would answer questions but wouldn’t say anything except for “hi.” So we brought him to see this play, and it was the first time he had ever been to the theatre. We had never even taken him to the movies because he was so fidgety . . . I was nervous at first, but he ended up doing a good job. After the performance, we took him out for a carriage ride. The farmer during the show said, “rows of vegetables, rows of vegetables.” He wasn’t talking much but during the ride he sees a sign with vegetables on it like in the play. All of a sudden he just started singing, “rows of vegetables, rows of vegetables.” This was the first time he had ever made a connection and all because of the show at the IRT.
–Terri, assistant house manager at Indiana Repertory Theatre

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