This is the Far Eastside

“God put me in this position. . . as far as substance abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, divorce, school dropout, teen pregnancy, all of these different things that you think about in a community, have either happened to me or someone in my family. So who else to better speak up for the community or bring the community together?”
—LaToya, resident of Carriage House East in the city’s Far Eastside

Although there has been much focus on and development in neighborhoods close to the downtown core, communities further out are often overlooked. This month’s episode of For Good focuses on the Far Eastside and how its residents are stepping up to make change happen in their neighborhood. Both Mount Carmel Church and the Collective Impact Council are featured in this episode for their place-based initiatives that are giving residents a new sense of hope.
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Kim Jacobs – WFYI Media
LaToya Tahirou – resident at Carriage House East
Annie Smith – CICF community ambassador
Alicia Collins – director of community collaborations at CICF
Tanya Johnson – chief of staff at Mount Carmel Church
Ellie Lindhem – service coordinator manager at Carriage House East Apartments

Glick Fund at CICF
Groundbreaking for Carriage House East Resident Success Center in The Indianapolis Star
Learn more about our community ambassadors
CAFE (Community Alliance for the Far Eastside)


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Thank you for sharing this story about the Far Eastside! The Far Eastside is full of wonderful people and potential. The community is working together to create the change that they would like to see.


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