A Discussion of Power: Guadalupe Pimentel Solano & Karla Lopez

***This piece is part of our content presented at Inclusive City 2020. On Oct. 28, 2020, from the stage of the Madam Walker Legacy Center, we revealed plans to dismantle systemic racism in Central Indiana at Inclusive City 2020. Learn more about that event here.***

Although Karla and I speak English fluently, we held the conversation in Spanish because in order to engage in equity, we must listen and hold ourselves accountable to the communities most impacted by inequity. By filming our video in Spanish, Karla and I invite our families and the Latinx community into a conversation about race and equity, while highlighting the continuing lack of language access the spaces where these conversations exist. Enjoy.

—Guadalupe Pimentel Solano, community leadership officer at CICF

Thank you to our partners and friends at WFYI Production for making this video possible.

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