Q&A with Allissa Impink

Meet Allissa impink. Allissa is the Director of Family Philanthropy and Advisor for Glick Philanthropies.

Allissa Impink

What excites you about your new role? 

I love Indianapolis, and in this role, I’ll seek to expand opportunities to transform my community. I believe I have a unique lens through which I see the world, and I intend to use my lens in ways that benefit youth, children, families and community. The work I engage in cannot move forward without understanding the historical and community context that affects the current reality. In this work, many have come before me from which I can learn, and that brings me joy and excitement.

 In this past year, what book, movie or album resonated with you in the strongest way and why? 

 Though I’ve read many books and articles this past year, I truly enjoyed watching the HBO series “Insecure.” This series, created by Issa Rae, was not only entertaining to watch but the cultural impact the show made just brought excitement! Being able to see a character on screen to which I could relate to and push against the challenges of being a Black woman who defies all stereotypes was powerful and truly a community-based project.

What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important? 

I’m learning the best ways to cultivate and engage relationships with community stakeholders and my teammates. This is where I will find expertise and solutions, staying grounded and close to experiences. The communities that have direct experience of an issue are by far the best experts.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day

My favorite way to unwind after a busy day is meeting with my husband Matt, family or close friends for dinner and drinks and chatting or dissecting the happenings of the day while making plans for the next. 

 What’s your most recent act of equity? 

My most recent act of equity was answering the call to serve, by running for and winning the Vice President seat of my neighborhood association. Though this volunteer role might be challenging, it’s important that my community and neighborhood uphold and uplift diverse representation. So I leaned in and stepped up!

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