Moment of Reflection

Take some time to process what you’ve learned in this first Learning Pathway

Throughout this journey, we will provide you space to reflect on what you are learning—include what is challenging to you. We encourage you to think and write about how you are processing the information and perspectives share with you so far.

Feel free to use the notes section (private or public) within the platform to record how you’re feeling in this moment. There is no right or wrong answer.

  • Is any of this information new to you? If so, what?

  • How does this information make you feel? Sit with that feeling.

  • What is your purpose or your “why” in doing anti-racism work?

If you are not a current Mover, learn more and join the movement at

One Comment

1. Let’s call if M10k.
2. I want to talk about expectations: Curriculum/Study v. Specific Acts Committment.
3. Eliminate the Understanding our Roots Video.
4. All other resources very good, particularly the cartoon and DiAngelo.


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