MVMT10K Terminology

A few key terms that you’ll see throughout MVMT10K

If you’ve ever had a conversation about race that didn’t go well, it was likely because there was not a shared understanding of what keywords and phrases mean. This often leads to miscommunication and false assumptions.

Here we will establish some definitions of key terms and phrases that will be used throughout your journey. You will find that not every writer and speaker whose work we connect you to is in total alignment in how they define each of these. And that is okay. This will give you the foundation to build an understanding in this space that you can one day call your own.

You can reference this Touchstone—and any other—as often as you need to.

  • Systemic Racism: institutional policies and practices upheld and perpetuated over time that benefit people who are White at the exclusion of people of color
  • Anti-racist: behavior actively working to confront and undo the impact of systemic racism and create equity in its place. More than simply “not being racist.”
  • MVMT10K: Shorthand for the Movement of 10,000. This is a concentrated effort to gather, inform, and activate 10,000 people in Central Indiana who are committed to being a part of creating a more equitable and anti-racist community.
  • Mover: a participant in MVMT10K (You!)
  • Learning Pathway: a collection of curated content and resources within MVMT10K that focuses on a particular aspect of the journey towards being an anti-racist individual (examples: How Did We Get Here?)
  • Touchstone: a specific piece of content within a Learning Pathway in MVMT10K (an online article, video, podcast, blog, etc.)
  • Guidepost: a specific type of Touchstone that is specific to MVMT10K that provides specific information about your experience or an opportunity for reflection
  • Work of Equity: A way for you to activate what you have learned into anti-racist behaviors that benefit individuals and communities of color (this feature will be available soon)
  • Culture of White Supremacy: the centering of the White experience and prioritization of the success and well-being of White people over people of color. Another way of thinking about this is the term “value gap.” This means that White people in America are valued more than people of color.

Once you complete the Intro Learning Pathway, a fuller glossary with other definitions will be available—in addition to other Learning Pathways and opportunities to put your learning into action.

Are there any of these definitions that bring up any strong emotional response? Like guilt or defensiveness? Are there terms that you’ve heard used in different ways?

Utilize the Notes section for this Touchstone within the MVMT10K platform to record your thoughts. Each Note that you make can either be made public to other MVMT10K Movers or private for your own reflection and record keeping. It’s up to you.

If you are not a current Mover, learn more and join the movement at


We need a shorter name than MVMT10K. Maybe MV10 or M10k.


Let’s find a Better Shorthand. M10k?


Also include speakers, conferences and workshops, both live and recorded to be viewed virtu


I think we may want to eliminate the Guidepost definishion. and I continue to think our shorthand should be M10k.


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