Self Care—It’s a Long Road

Tips on How to Sustain as You Navigate Ahead

This is hard work that often brings up heavy emotions. Self-care and your well-being are vital to remaining committed in this journey. Throughout the following Learning Pathways, we will offer opportunities for you to pause, be still, and reflect. Self-care can be very personal. You may want to take a walk outdoors. Meditate. Listen to music. Journal. Whatever you need.

Accountability is key as you move throughout any practice or commitment, like anti-racism work. It could be helpful to ask a friend to join you here in the MVMT10K. Tell people you’re doing this. You may be surprised by who steps up and wants to be by your side on this journey.

A note on public comments

The online articles and YouTube videos that we will direct you to throughout your journey, often have a public comments section. As you likely know, the internet and difficult conversations around race can be a minefield of armchair experts, trolls, and toxic negativity. Try not to let these influence the way you receive the information. And if you’d like to share your thoughts on the content, you can leave a note here within MVMT10K.

If you are not a current Mover, learn more and join the movement at

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