Legacy Fund of Hamilton County Raises $3.1 Million, Increases Its Grant Making Endowment


A matching grant from Lilly Endowment’s Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow provides immediate impact and new opportunities and partnerships for Central Indiana philanthropy.

Legacy Fund, a Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) affiliate, was awarded a $1.5 million matching grant from Lilly Endowment’s sixth phase of Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT).

Legacy Fund leveraged just over $1,032,244 of the GIFT grant from Lilly Endowment to raise an additional $657,825 for The Endowment For Hamilton County, a permanent fund used by Legacy Fund Board of Directors that allocates grants to a wide variety of not-for-profits serving Hamilton County. The Endowment for Hamilton County increased by $1.69 million.

Legacy Fund used the remaining GIFT grant to raise $1 million to help launch The Community Leadership Innovation Fund in conjunction with The Indianapolis Foundation, a CICF affiliate serving Marion County. With the GIFT grant and new contributions, Legacy Fund was able to add a total of $1,467,756 to The Community Leadership Innovation Fund.

For 25 years, Legacy Fund has supported charitable organizations and initiatives in the eight Hamilton County cities by awarding grants from its unrestricted endowment. Through its participation in Lilly Endowment’s GIFT VI initiative, Legacy Fund has bolstered the unrestricted Endowment For Hamilton County by $1.69 million. This will substantially increase the grant making power of Legacy Fund and generate greater impact and influence for the entire Hamilton County community.

“The immense generosity of Legacy Fund board members, our community partners and leaders, and Legacy Fund donors made this grant from Lilly Endowment a reality. This grant reinvigorates our unrestricted endowment and opens the door for new opportunities for grant making and investment in Hamilton County now, and for at least another 25 years.”


In addition to a significant unrestricted endowment boost, Legacy Fund and its sister affiliate, The Indianapolis Foundation, launched The Community Leadership Innovation Fund. This new endowment will support philanthropic efforts throughout Central Indiana by allocating quick, significant grants to community leadership initiatives that are paramount to the mission of Legacy Fund, The Indianapolis Foundation and CICF. Through continued fundraising, The Community Leadership Innovation Fund has a goal to ultimately reach a minimum of $10 million. A grant making committee comprised of donors to The Community Leadership Innovation Fund and board members from The Indianapolis Foundation, Legacy Fund and CICF will make allocation decisions.

Lilly Endowment’s GIFT initiative has played an essential role in the formation of Legacy Fund over its past 25 years and has amplified the dedication and generosity of not only the 20-member Legacy Fund board, but also Hamilton County community leaders and donors. The new growth of the unrestricted endowment will ensure more families reach self-sufficiency, more children pursue a postsecondary education, and a more livable Hamilton County for everyone.


ABOUT Legacy Fund 

Legacy Fund, an affiliate of the Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF), is a $56 million public foundation that serves Hamilton County by administering charitable funds, foundations and organizational endowments for individuals, families and not-for-profit entities. Established in 1991, Legacy Fund’s goal is to inspire philanthropy as it helps people enhance their family and charitable legacies in tax-smart ways. Legacy Fund has three main priorities: consult with donors, family foundations and professional advisors on charitable giving; award grants; and provide leadership to address community needs.



Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) is a $701 million public foundation transforming the lives of central Indiana residents in three ways: consulting donors, family foundations and their professional advisors on charitable giving; awarding grants to effective not-for-profit organizations; and providing leadership to address community needs and seize opportunities. CICF was established in 1997 as a partnership between The Indianapolis Foundation, serving Marion County since 1916, and Legacy Fund, serving Hamilton County since 1991.

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