Legacy Fund Celebrates 25 Years of Philanthropy in Hamilton County



Since its inception in 1991, Legacy Fund, an affiliate of CICF, has awarded more than $54.6 million in grants to improve quality of life across Hamilton County, and has awarded $4.7 million in scholarships to area students. Friends, community leaders and elected officials celebrated their collective impact tonight at the 8th annual Celebration of Philanthropy—an event produced by Legacy Fund that honors and inspires philanthropy, and showcases not-for-profits serving Hamilton County.

During the event, Terry Anker, president of Legacy Fund since 2011, announced he will leave his position in March 2017. Anker has had an impressive five-year tenure with Legacy Fund.

Like other community foundations, Legacy Fund has three priorities: consult with donors, family foundations and professional advisors on charitable giving; award grants; and provide leadership to address community needs. Anker’s presence at Legacy Fund has contributed to meaningful change in Hamilton County.

Earlier in 2016, Anker led Legacy Fund and its board in successfully completing Lilly Endowment’s sixth phase of Giving Indiana Funds for Tomorrow (GIFT), which increased The Endowment For Hamilton County by $1.69 million. In total, under Anker’s 5-year leadership, Legacy Fund has raised $28,012,041, awarded 2,714 grants and increased its total assets by $15 million.

Anker also played an essential role in convening community donors and civic leaders to build the Youth Assistance Program in all Hamilton County school corporations. The early-intervention program was created to help at-risk youth avoid making mistakes that lead to long-term involvement in the county’s legal system. Legacy Fund provided the original seed money to help launch Youth Assistance Program in each community, but now, all chapters are self-sustaining and contributing to the significant reduction in the number of youth interactions with the criminal justice system.

“Terry has made a significant impact on our community while serving as president of the Legacy Fund,” said Mike Daugherty, Legacy Fund board chair. “He is dedicated to the success of Hamilton County, and we look forward to continuing to work with him in pursuit of this goal. Terry has graciously agreed to stay on through March in order to provide our board of directors sufficient time to thoughtfully select Legacy Fund’s next president. We will miss Terry along with his energy, enthusiasm and innovative leadership.”

During Celebration of Philanthropy, Anker touted what Legacy Fund has accomplished over the past five—and 25—years, and he reminded attendees that Legacy Fund’s ability to thrive and effect change is reliant not on one individual, but the community as a whole.

“It has been my immense pleasure to serve, as many have done, the good people of our community. Now is the time for another leader to enjoy the opportunity.”


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