Central Indiana’s Immigrants and Refugees

People from more than 120 nations call Central Indiana home. They have left their home countries to start a new life as immigrants and refugees. This special episode of For Good, features representatives from the immigrant and refugee communities discussing their hopes and fears about living in Indianapolis. Leaders from two organizations that support resettlement will also weigh-in on the realities of life in America for these residents.

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Angela Cain – Angela Cain Communications
Ally Mulumba Ntumba – CICF community ambassador & case manager at Exodus Refugee
Cole Varga – executive director at Exodus Refugee
Terri Morris Downs – executive director at Immigrant Welcome Center
Dabrice Bartet – CICF community ambassador
Graham Melendez – natural helper at Immigrant Welcome Center

Immigrant Welcome Center
-view detailed statistics in their Indianapolis Immigration Integration Plan here
Exodus Refugee
-learn facts and figures about refugees here
Learn more about our community ambassadors
Woman finds dream job through Exodus Refugee – a story from 2017 about Priscilla Lalthanmawii and her 12-year-old son 


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