Legacy fund has a new name—Hamilton County Community Foundation

This Exciting News Should Not Affect the Validity of Current or Future Gifts To Legacy Fund

Legacy Fund, CICF’s Hamilton County affiliate, announced its name change to Hamilton County Community Foundation at its recent Celebration of Philanthropy event, at which it also announced a new strategic plan and awarded three Community Pillar Awards to deserving recipients. Learn more about the event.

Tom Kilian, Hamilton County Community Foundation president, explained that the name “feels true to who we are, who we serve and what we do.” Following the event, a few estate attorneys have asked what—if anything— should they do with respect to clients who have named Legacy Fund in their estate planning documents or currently have a donor-advised fund or other charitable fund with Legacy Fund.

We do not want any of you or your clients inconvenienced by a name change. And we want to help ensure your clients’ donative intent. Our counsel has advised us that all gifts to Legacy Fund in a document legally would still pass to Hamilton County Community Foundation because it is the same entity, with the same tax number, just with a name change.  If Legacy Fund is searched at the secretary of state’s business entities website, it appears and will continue to appear as a “former name.”  We also have attached the DBA of Legacy Fund to Hamilton County Community Foundation to ensure that administrators of estates and trusts are directed to Hamilton County Community Foundation if the document they have in hand states Legacy Fund. If estate or other documents are otherwise being updated, by all means, please update the name Legacy Fund, Inc. to Hamilton County Community Foundation Inc. Otherwise, however, no action on the part of your clients and/or our donors should be required as a result of the name change.

Please let us know if you have specific questions or if we can be of assistance.

Mary Stanley
director of charitable gift planning and legal affairs
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Sarah Weaver
senior gift planning advisor,
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Brittany Rayburn
Hamilton County Community Foundation director of development
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