Central Indiana Racial Equity Fund Opens Second and Final Round Grant Applications

Central Indiana Racial Equity Fund (CIREF) is now accepting applications for its second and final round of grantmaking. The fund seeks to address the inequities in our criminal legal systems that unfairly target, penalize, and disrupt the lives of Black residents in Central Indiana. Eligible organizations may apply for capacity-building grants ranging from $25,000 to $300,000. The deadline to apply is May 14, 2021.

In its first funding round, CIREF awarded $519,500 in grants last fall to eleven not-for-profit organizations working to advance racial equity in Indianapolis and its surrounding counties. The fund was established in June 2020 by a coalition of local stakeholders committing $2.2 million to advance effective solutions toward racial equity.

For the second funding round, recognizing that this may be the first time many organizations apply for a capacity-building grant, the CIREF steering committee will offer virtual applicant assistance workshops and office hours to provide support for all organizations interested in submitting applications. At each virtual workshop, attendees will:

  • receive an overview of the application guidelines and instructions for submitting an application, and
  • have the opportunity to ask questions of the assistance team

In addition to the assistance workshops, for applicants who still have questions—particularly as it pertains to completing the application—office hours will be established for applicants to attend virtual sessions with a small number of other applicants to address questions specific to their applications.

Learn more about full application guidelines and details, as well as registration information for the assistance workshops and office hours.

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