The Indianapolis Foundation Awards Nearly $850k in Grants

The Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of CICF, recently awarded grants totaling $846,250. The foundation awarded $544,00 in responsive grants and  $302,25in proactive grants that align with the foundation’s five community leadership initiatives.

The five community leadership initiatives for Marion County are:

  • family stabilization
  • economic mobility
  • criminal justice reform
  • neighborhood empowerment and placemaking
  • dismantling systemic racism

“These investments are crucial to making our community an equitable place for all,” said Tamara Winfrey-Harris, vice president of community leadership and effective philanthropy. “Support for these not-for-profits and community initiatives have the power to change Indianapolis—socially, economically and systemically. “

Some of the organizations receiving support include:  

Corporation for Supportive Housing ($50,000) – Corporation for Supportive Housing will support a local SpeakUp cohort. SpeakUp elevates the voices of people with lived experiences of homelessness to promote an equity-centered approach to advocacy for supportive housing. 

Project Azul Inc. ($25,000) – Project Azul provides individuals from under-appreciated communities with the flexible training and financial assistance needed to transition from unemployment and underemployment into full-time careers offering higher wages, access to benefits, and a pathway to career advancement 

Rising Divas Inc. ($20,000) – Rising Divas works with domestic abuse survivors providing 1:1 case management to help rebuild lives. The organization serves approximately 100 women per year through services including credit building, job search and application assistance, and connections to stable housing. 


During this grant round, The Indianapolis Fund directed $345,000 to responsive grants for 19 different organizations. Additionally, field-of-interest funds with The Indianapolis Foundation contributed $199,000. These funds are created by individuals or families who wish to support a specific organization or cause beyond their lifetime and are stewarded by The Indianapolis Foundation in fulfilling donor intent. During this round of funding, F.R. Hensel Fund for Fine Art, Music, and Education, James Proctor Fund for Aged Men and Women, The John and Isabelle Romine Fund for Child, and Ronald A. Block Fund provided support.  

Arts Council of Indianapolis Provide quality service for Central Indiana’s professional artists and cultural organizations, with a focus on equity F.R. Hensel Fund for Fine Arts, Music, and Education Responsive Grant $45,000 
Believers United in Local Development Provide construction training and certifications to opportunity youth The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $35,000 
Bosma Industries for the Blind Inc. Create opportunities for individuals experiencing blindness and visual impairment The Indianapolis Foundation  Responsive Grant $25,000 
Brooke’s Place for Grieving Young People Serve grieving youth and families with four bereavement programs James Proctor Fund for Aged Men and Women Responsive Grant $35,000 
Brothers United Inc. Dba BU Wellness Network Increasing HIV testing and education among Black people in Central Indiana The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $35,000 
Cancer Support Community Central Indiana New community navigator program, designed to build out staff and volunteer infrastructure to provide every CSC client with a trusted advisor from their community to guide them through their cancer journey James Proctor Fund for Aged Men and Women Responsive Grant $25,000 
Chalkbeat Provide an unbiased and journalistic account of educational policies and efforts to improve schools for those who have historically lacked access to quality education The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $25,000 
Corporation for Supportive Housing (CSH) Provide advocacy and tech assistance for supportive housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $25,000 
Crooked Creek Community Development Corporation Community development in the Crooked Creek area on the northwest side of Indianapolis The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $15,000 
Earth Charter Indiana Inspire and advance sustainable, just and peaceful living in Indiana bypromoting the values and principles of the Earth Charter. The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $20,000 
Eclectic Soul VOICES Corporation Empowers youth to change their lives, through self-expression and community connection The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $35,000 
Gennesaret Free Clinic, Inc. Provide health care to people who are experiencing homelessness, those with no- or low-income, and those who are uninsured and under-insured The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $50,000 
Indianapolis Jazz Foundation Support the Indianapolis jazz scene and cultivating the current and next generation of jazz musicians, audiences and enthusiasts F.R. Hensel Fund for Fine Arts, Music, and Education Responsive Grant $35,000 
Indiana Performing Arts Centre  To keep alive the heritage of Black Theatre by offering top-notch theatrical productions, performances, arts education and employment opportunities, for African American youth and adults to continue their interest in arts programs Ronald A. Block Fund Responsive Grant $30,000 
Mozel Sanders Foundation Support for its annual Thanksgiving Day Dinner James Proctor Fund for Aged Men and Women Responsive Grant $40,000 
Project Azul, Inc. Provide individuals from underserved communities with the flexible training and financial assistance needed to transition from unemployment and underemployment into full-time careers offering higher wages, access to benefits, and a pathway to career advancement The Indianapolis Foundation Responsive Grant $25,000 
Rising Divas INC.  Provide 1:1 case management for survivors of domestic abuse to help rebuild their lives Economic Mobility Opportunity Fund Responsive Grant $20,000 
Startup Accelerator Work in partnership with PitchFeast to promote entrepreneurship among people of color by addressing financial and social capital disparities James Proctor Fund for Aged Men and Women Responsive Grant $35,000 
Urban Youth Ministry of Greater Indianapolis Young Champions program, a social-emotional learning program designed to help youth striving to overcome threatening environments, build skills The John and Isabelle Romine Fund for Children Responsive Grant $24,000 
Center for Victim and Human Rights  Empower and advance the safety of victims through legal representation and educational outreach The Indianapolis Foundation Criminal Justice Reform Investment Plan $20,000 
Englewood Community Development Corporation Rehabilitation of two properties to house refugees from Afghanistan The Indianapolis Foundation Family Stabilization Investment Plan $20,000 
Leadership Empowerment Pathways Support the empowerment and strengthening of neighborhoods and individuals in targeted BIPOC Indianapolis neighborhoods The Indianapolis Foundation Neighborhood Empowerment and Placemaking Investment Plan  $162,250 
Racial Equity Institute  Provide four opportunities “Groundwater” training exploring institutional and systemic racism The Indianapolis Foundation Dismantling Systemic Racism Investment Plan $100,000 
TOTAL $846,250 

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