Thinking about Ben Franklin lately?


Find out what’s next for the Ben Franklin Funds and view photos of dinners

Ben Franklin Funds were created by Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF) in celebration of The Indianapolis Foundation’s 100th anniversary. Without the foresight of visionaries 100 years ago, The Foundation would not have the capacity to annually award over $7 million in competitive grants to local not-for-profits working to alleviate the obstacles facing residents in Indianapolis.

CICF believes in the power of its Ben Franklin Funds to transform Indianapolis in 2116. If the two $100,000 Ben Franklin Fund endowments, built from donations of $1,000 and $100, are invested for 100 years, CICF estimates they will be worth $100 million each and will distribute $5 million (5 percent) annually to benefit the city of Indianapolis in 2116.

You’ve probably heard CICF talk about this before, but you may not have heard the conversations inspired by a group of strangers (Ben Franklin Fund donors) gathered for dinner, emboldened by the idea of collectively transforming the future of Indianapolis. We think they’ll inspire you, too.

Flip through the slideshow to view photos from the June Ben Franklin Fund community dinners as well as the wishes and ideas for Indianapolis that emerged. Don’t forget to share your own wish in the comments section and with friends.

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