Meet Brittany Rayburn

What is your role at CICF?

I am director of development for Legacy Fund, the CICF affiliate serving Hamilton County. I have the privilege of cultivating new and existing relationships with donors and professional advisors in Hamilton County. I get to help prospective donors identify the type of giving that will best meet their needs and philanthropic interests and it is my job to be out telling the Legacy Fund story in Hamilton County every day!

How did you get to CICF?

I began my journey at CICF just over six years ago, as a graduate assistant while I completed my masters of public affairs degree in nonprofit management at IUPUI. I was hired on as a community investment officer after graduation, and loved working in that role for four years. My grant-making portfolio included scholarships, food insecurity, health and wellness, civic engagement and youth philanthropy. I also worked with all organizations serving Hamilton County as the community investment officer for Legacy Fund, which gave me a front seat to the needs and issues that often go unseen in this county. This summer, I accepted a new position as director of development for Legacy Fund.

What have you enjoyed most so far in your new role?

I discovered many years ago that Legacy Fund is a very special place, working to make Hamilton County a great place to live for all of our residents.

We have the privilege of living in a community that is so generous, but there is still a lot of need that Legacy Fund and our charitable organizations are working to address.

I have seen and experienced for many years the direct impact charitable dollars can have in transforming communities and individual lives. It is exciting to now be in a role that will allow me to invite others to invest in their communities as well.

What are your own personal charitable passions?

I would say that two issues really rise to the top for me. I feel very strongly about ensuring that all students coming out of high school are on a path that will lead to their individual success, self-sufficiency and fulfillment. College, another postsecondary certification or credential, and being prepared to go straight into the workforce are all strong options, but it is my hope to see all students know what that looks like for them and their interests and skill sets.

On a personal note, my husband and I both grew up on farms in rural Indiana, and both individually moved to Indianapolis and now Hamilton County to pursue education and job opportunities. While we love our life here in central Indiana, we feel strongly about supporting agriculture and rural communities like the ones where we were raised.

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