A client came by for help with a translation. The document he asked us to translate was an eviction notice. He didn’t know that and got upset without knowing what to do. We signed him up for some emergency assistance. We got to help him work with his landlord to figure out a payment plan and help with his utilities. We like to make sure that folks don’t become dependent on our services and within six months he was able to move his family here. He was in here recently with his whole family. We got to meet them and take pictures. They were all ecstatic! I’m so passionate about helping people in direct service, especially in an organization that doesn’t simply resource out everything. I love La Plaza because we sit our clients down and say ‘this is where you can go, this is what I can help you with.’ If we can’t help them we find someone who can. We work with thousands of clients every year, and we can’t do that without funding.
—Breanna, program manager at La Plaza

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