Letter in support of hate crime legislation

Indiana Forward shared this letter—along with many other letters—with the Senate Public Policy Committee on Feb. 18. After three hours of testimony and discussion, Senate Bill 12 was voted to move forward to the full Senate, where it passed on Feb. 21. However, the bill was passed with an amendment which removed a comprehensive list of protected characteristics, including race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation. CICF and Indiana Forward remain committed to advocating for a clear, specific and inclusive hate crimes law.

For up to date news about the hate crime legislation and more details, follow Indiana Forward, the bipartisan campaign advocating for a clear, specific and inclusive hate crimes law.

To Whom This May Concern,

It is with conviction that Central Indiana Community Foundation (CICF); its affiliates, The Indianapolis Foundation and Hamilton County Community Foundation; and Women’s Fund of Central Indiana, a fund of CICF, support the passage of hate crime (anti-bias) legislation for the state of Indiana.

Over the last year, our institutions have committed to creating a Central Indiana where everyone has equitable opportunity to reach their full potential—no matter place, race or identity. We believe there is no more important work than this. We have reshaped our organizations, the way we lead and the way we work in order to make ours a more socially and economically just community. But there can be no justice here until all residents can live free from the terror caused by biased crimes.

That, unlike 45 other states, Indiana has no hate crime law, belies our beliefs and values. This must change. We stand with the bipartisan coalition, Indiana Forward, and their call for a robust anti-bias bill that is explicit in naming protected classes including race, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability.

CICF is unwavering in our belief that all people deserve to be treated with respect, protected where necessary and supported regardless of our differences.



signature of Brian Payne
Brian Payne
President, The Indianapolis Foundation
President & CEO, Central Indiana Community Foundation


Tom Kilian Jr.
President, Hamilton County Community Foundation


Jennifer Pope Baker
Executive Director, Women’s Fund of Central Indiana

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