An Innovative Way of Giving Through CICF Connect

by Clayton De Fur
Senior Community Leadership Officer

Clayton De Fur

For years, CICF staff has worked collaboratively to connect fund holder interests and passions with the pressing needs of our community here in Central Indiana. With CICF Connect, our portal for fund holders, this process is easier than ever before. Now, we are able to directly connect our donor-advised fund holders with a list of funding opportunities that actively exist in our community.

Our community leadership officers actively work with not-for-profits in our community to determine current funding opportunities within their organizations. Those opportunities and organizations were then fully vetted, meaning with this process, you can rest assured knowing that your philanthropic dollars are going to effective, impactful programs in our community.

Additionally, we’ve included several funding opportunities directly supporting the strategic work of CICF, The Indianapolis Foundation and Hamilton County Community Foundation.

Some of these funding opportunities have substantial total request amounts. This leads to one of the most exciting aspects of these funding opportunities: the ability for our donor-advised fund holders to collaboratively grant to programs. Even the smallest of grants can add up to have a substantial impact on organizations within our community. CICF Connect will enable all funds held with CICF, including our own grant-making funds, to better mobilize to meet community needs.

In addition to sharing funding opportunities, this new feature will also provide a way for you to connect with new organizations and/or programs in your interest areas. From there, our hope is that you feel empowered to work with your effective philanthropy officer in deeper ways to continue developing your philanthropic strategy.

CICF looks forward to this new strategy to better help you fulfill your philanthropic interests.

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