What can I do to build an inclusive world?

***This piece is part of our content presented at Inclusive City 2020. On Oct. 28, 2020, from the stage of the Madam Walker Legacy Center, we revealed plans to dismantle systemic racism in Central Indiana at Inclusive City 2020. Learn more about that event here.***

from Jennifer Bartenbach
Chief Financial Officer

What do we plan to leave behind in the pandemic portal and build a new world—a new community. What are we going to do differently? Every single one of us can make meaningful contributions on a daily basis to address racial disparities within our community. There are actions we can all take in our jobs—and in our homes—to make an anti-racist Central Indiana.

“The first necessary step is to learn what it truly means to be a person of color in this country and in this community.”

During this country’s recent racial reckoning, more and more White people are asking “what can I do?” I’ve asked that same question—and often still do.  

The first necessary step is to learn what it truly means to be a person of color in this country and in this community. To acknowledge that in this country all White people have inherent privilege simply because we are White. And to understand how systemic racism is embedded into the very foundation of our society. Through these past years, we at CICF have been committed to learning more. We’ve gathered a list of books, articles, movies and podcasts on our website that have helped us come to understand this reality. And we hope they can be helpful for you as well. 

We don’t pretend to be experts in this work. We as an organization—and as individuals—still have plenty to learn. Books and podcasts are a great first step towards our awareness, but our journey mustn’t end there. People of color have been doing the work of racial equity for generations by simply existing. We need to listen to their stories. Believe their lived experiences. For real change—true change, a long overdue change, a significant number of White people must commit to building an anti-racist community by taking action. I am honored to share this commitment with my colleagues at CICF. 

UP NEXT: Brick by Brick”—a video of community members who have taken significant steps towards equity


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