Q&A with Fabio Yataco

Meet Fabio Yataco.

Fabio serves as a community leadership officer. In this role, he focuses on the workforce development and economic mobility portfolio, advising on grantmaking processes and community issues, while providing guidance to organizations applying for grants. 

What excites you about your new role?

I am excited to not only be part of a great team but I am looking forward to working with various groups and community organizations. In addition to this, it is a privilege to be able to proactively and intentionally play a role in addressing the equity gaps that exist in our communities—especially as it relates to workforce development and economic mobility.  

In this past year, what book, movie or album resonated with you in the strongest way and why?

This year, I did a lot of reading surrounding Covid-19 and its effects on different neighborhoods. This led to me finding an article released by the National Community Reinvestment Coalition titled, “Redlining and Neighborhood Health”. The article goes over the disparities that are reinforced by systemic and structural racial discrimination and how these factors continue to concentrate disadvantages in Black and brown communities. This article resonated with me because of how much it speaks to the systemic impediments of health. It also challenged me to further look at how I can be more intentional and holistic in my approach to community engagement.   

What’s one thing you’re learning now, and why is it important?

One thing I am learning now is to give myself grace. Many times, life moves at such a rapid pace that it makes it difficult to stop and enjoy the moments we are blessed with. To celebrate the small wins or even be intentional about things like self-care. I haven’t yet discovered the secret of “work-life” balance. However, what I can do is learn how to give myself grace throughout this journey that I am on.  

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

A few ways I enjoy unwinding after a busy day is to either go to the gym or sharing a meal with friends and family. I also enjoy playing soccer with friends to clear my mind and stay active when I can. 

What’s your most recent act of equity?

My most recent act of equity is being intentional in the businesses I support—from where I get food to where I workout. Isaros Market and Juice Bar hands down has the best smoothies in town, and if you’re looking for personal training, Capture Fitness has you covered!  

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What a great hire in Fabio. Your community organizations will find a great partner in Fabio. Adelante central community foundation.


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